Synchronoss Technologies / personal cloud

I have designed a web app - Personal Cloud, a white label product that was sold to clients like Vodafone. I have been working off the wireframes on the visual design. 

Senior Visual Designer (freelancer)

The overall style of this application is solid, clear and friendly. This sophisticated combination is achieved by several elements: good use of space, a combination of colors, icons and font choice. The base colors are black and white which, through a strong contrast creates elegance. It is softened by grey card design, that pops up on white background. The brand color – orange, that is used in interaction truly brings the application to life and visually connects with the brand. The font ‘Open Sans’ adds friendliness and playfulness to the application.

Most of all design is transparent and focused on presenting and interacting with content. It can be easily transformed to fit your brand, by changing colors and/or font.