Daft.ie / mobile app

At Daft.ie I was working on the mobile application for Android and IOS to improve the navigation and search flow. The goal was to address user pain points that are gathered from their feedback and improve overall user experience.

Lead UX Designer

Design problems

1. Access to personalised content like saved searches, saved ads, and user's ads is hidden behind overflow icon on toolbar. 

2. The search results page are one of the most important pages and to access it the user needs to drill down through home and filters. This seems a lot of work for user to see results.

3. Navigation on Search Results is also a bit confusing. Both back arrow and magnifying glass are leading back to Search. Magnifying glass represents free search and there is no free search, rather list of filters.

4. The toggle solution between list and map view is not very intuitive. Number of times users are clicking back arrow to come back to list view, as supposed the icon on the toolbar. The back arrow leads them to Filters page.

5. Saved search is represented by heart icon. During user testing we found out, that most users didn't know what is the meaning. Some of users confused it with access to saved searches.


Iteration 1

1. Bring navigation to the top. Top navigation in form of tabs is widely used on android apps. User can now much easier access all the sections including: Saved searches, Saved ads, User's Ads and Search Filters.

2. Search results are still in the same place. From user testing we found out that users expect search filters under magnifying glass. Users also are pointing out that they are looking for very specific content, hence they need access to different filters. It is very hard to prioritase any of them.

3. On Search Results page magnifying glass has been replaced by clear 'Filter Search' button and it opens the filters in new screen, that is sliding from bottom up.

4. The toolbar is now much cleaner and the only action now is the toggle for map view. We want to see if this will help.

5. On Search Results page the heart icon has been replaced by 'Save Search' button. Users do not have to guess anymore meaning of heart at the top. 


Iteration 2

1. I have changed the navigation to the bottom, following material design. This way we have extra space in toolbar for extra functionality. The navigation is very much like on IOS platform and we already know that users have no problem understanding it.

2. Search results are brought to front and accessed by Search icon. The app displays results of already prepopulated last search criteria. This solves the problem of showing the right content for the user. 

3. In the toolbar, we are displaying a search box with search criteria (category, location, price). This show context of the search and helps user to remind them on what search results page they currently are. It is very intuitive for users to click on it and change filters. 

4. Map view can be accessed from floating button at the bottom. Unlike previously its open as a new screen, sliding from the bottom up.

5. Saved search is still represented by text but the location has been moved to the floating button  close to the bottom of screen.


Daft Wealth Report

I have been an Art Director in the project of Daft Wealth Report. It was a team effort to create a new Daft report based on the Home Price Report that is released every 6 weeks. I created 3 illustrations and over looked the creation of the art work.