Daft.ie / design foundation

Daft.ie is Ireland's largest property website in Ireland. My first goal as a Lead UX Designer was to set up design foundation that consists of a design system, UX process and creating a design culture in the company.

Lead UX Designer

Design System

We have a product built across Android, iOS and Touch. Now we see the need to create a more systematic way and define rules to continue building and evolving product in a consistent way. Last few months were dedicated to Android platform, but setting up base design rules around grid, spacing, icons, fonts and ui components will apply also to iOS and touch platform. 

Android App Style Guides


In below video, you can see the design system in Brand.ai website. Starting with colors, fonts, icons, and components.

Design system in use in Sketch app

All of the components are connected to Sketch app via Brand.ai plugin. In the video, it is demonstrated how all elements are connected and how easy it is to build a screen using components. If the case of a change of the color we only need it to change it once and all color will be updated. 

Design culture - UX Tools

One of the goals was to systematize UX practice and tools we want to use in the company. It also helped to educate colleagues from different departments. of design tools.

Design culture - Newsletters

As part of growing a design culture in Daft.ie, the design team was sending a monthly newsletter with updates and interesting articles.